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Horror is more popular than ever... and anxiety is the reason

Updated: 10/13/2021
Horror is more popular than ever... and anxiety is the reason
I woke up today feeling a little bored. I was driving in my car and wanted something to listen to, but all the podcasts I could find were crime related.

It's not that I don't enjoy crime shows, but it can get exhausting when you're just looking for some light conversation or comedy.

As soon as I got home from work, I fired up my computer and started searching for any show that wasn't about murder or creepy things happening in the dark forest. I searched for "best podcasts" in google and at least from the quick look I did, mostly all of them are crime / horror related.

Which made me wonder, How come the most popular movies, podcasts, books etc are horror related all year long?

Horror is trending more than ever. Why? Theories range from the death of millennials' innocence to a fear-inducing political climate, but it's likely that there are many factors at play. Regardless of whether or not you're afraid, this blog post will explore what horror movies can teach us about our society and culture today. Nowadays, they serve as platforms for social commentary on everything from gender identity to economic inequality—and they also happen to be getting better with age! What makes them so important

Horror films were wildly popular in streaming services during 2020. Can we attribute that to the pandemic? Or is it a trend that we have overlooked over the years?


It is interesting to see that the movies we like seem to say something about us. Mental illness, ghosts and serial killers were all prevalent keywords in this dataset with high neuroticism rates among fans - just what you’d expect! Movies featuring psychological themes of death or anxiety also predicted higher instances of neurosis for viewers who enjoyed them more than others

A good way to deal with stress and anxiety is by watching horror films. They offer a socially-sanctioned outlet for you express your fears, anxieties, or even just some good old fashioned laughter!

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You are in full control of your anxiety by escaping into the narrative. The source changes, not only do you escape to another world where there is no more risk but also it makes what's happening now less important than before; because if things go wrong then at least its fiction and I can just watch scary movies all day long without having any social interactions!

There's good evidence in Anderson, M.M., et al. Playing with fear: A field study in recreational horror. Psychological Science 31, 1497-1510 (2020), that, behavior and attitudes of people who go to haunted attractions has found that there tends be a “sweet spot” for fear or anxiety-induced arousal at which enjoyment is maximized. This converges with earlier work showing visitors actively using cognitive strategies such as seeking reassurance from others in order maximize their enjoyment

A recent paper published by researchers at McGill University Medical Center & haunt enthusiasts alike provides fascinating insight into how we can manipulate our own levels of excitement through intentional regulation!

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Some people are not always their best selves at parties. For example, I once met someone who told me he hated horror movies because they were too scary for him. When we finally got into an argument about this subject matter there was one thing that made sense: You can't really enjoy something if your heart's beating out of chest and you're feeling sick to your stomach—unless perhaps what makes it enjoyable is experiencing all those emotions without having any control over how much fear or adrenaline swings through each minute! ## PARTNERS

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If you're looking for an escape from your daily life, try watching horror movies. From psychological thrillers and gory slashers to zombie flicks - there's something in this category that will suit any mood!